Friday, February 13, 2009

Heaton crew circa 1988-ish?

The Burke and Carolyn Heaton family has at least tripled and probably quadrupled (if you count al in-laws and great-grandkids) since this photo was taken at Jex's wedding. So the value in the photo is not its completeness (though I believe it is complete for its time) but in its priceless wealth of awesome fashion and great expressions.

I posted this on Facebook, and some family members wanted a copy, so hopefully this will work. If you click on the picture, you should get the bigger version. It's not really that big of a version, but it's what I have. Then, if you right click on the picture, you should be able to copy and paste it to a folder on your computer. Happy reminiscing.

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  1. hooray! welcome to the club! twofer action all around. i'm so happy for you. we've got a pattern going here i think. ;)