Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Signs I might not get a lot done today...

Sawyer will probably wake up from his nap any minute, and I definitely have not finished (in fact, have hardly started) all the household chores I should try to get done while he can't "help" me. It's pretty bad when I think of all I need to accomplish and then think, "I bet I could really get this stuff done if I just took some time first to make an iTunes playlist of upbeat music, to be called 'Music for Accomplishing Things'."

That made me think of the fortune from my dad's "Cookie of Good Fortune" (that's what they were called on the special Chinese New Year menu) last night at the Mandarin. It said,

Ambition is a poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy.

It was my dad's fortune, but Tyson asked to keep it for himself. Kara said she would put it on a t-shirt for him. Speaking of not having enough sense to be lazy, however, Tyson left for work at 6:15 this morning. Yuck! I think sometimes lately he's been staying up about that late (early?) so this was probably a shock to his system. He is starting work at a residential and commercial cabinet/display shop. The position may be temporary or it may be permanent. Whatever it is, we are very grateful for him to have some good, well-paid work, and work he will hopefully enjoy.

Back to the Mandarin parents treated us (and our Aunt Gerry treated us, by way of a gift certificate she gave my parents when she visited here) to a lovely family dinner at our favorite family restaurant. We had such a great time laughing and eating all our old favorites (pot stickers, char shu wonton soup, Mediterranean chicken, honey walnut shrimp, malaysian fried rice) and trying some new things too, off the special New Year menu (black bean salmon, pork and asparagus, mango chicken, shrimp and spinach dumplings, chicken and pine nut spring rolls, etc.). Many thanks to Emily and Wayne, who tended Sawyer for us. Kara's kids were at Logan's parents' house, so we got to have a rare dinner out with just the parental units and "big kids" in the family.

As for an update, there's not much to say. Tyson and I have been working very hard on his job search. He has had some good prospects and been "this-close" to being hired for a few good jobs, but things seem to slip through our grasp at the last minute. We know we are not the only ones out there in the world in this situation, as we hear daily of more big layoffs. We are glad that our expenses are low and our debts are few, and that we have been able to, and will continue to be able to, weather this storm.

Other than that, we bought a month pass of unlimited movie rentals from Blockbuster, and that has been our sole entertainment expenditure. We have made sure to get our money's worth a few times over, but I am really movied out after two or three movies a night for almost a month. The pass runs out on February 5. Any movie recommendations before our time is up?

Sawyer has had some bouts of sickness since Christmas, with an ear infection and respiratory infection (the antibiotics to cure which led to a very upset gastrointestinal tract, if you catch my menaing). Poor kid! He really seems to be feeling better these past few days, luckily! Sawyer continues to delight us with his funny words and ways. He is still very cautious about walking. He will stretch from chair to chair in our kitchen with widely reaching arms, avoiding at all costs having to take an unaided step. He is getting all four molars right now, adding to his already packed-looking mouthful of teeth. People always comment, "Look how many teeth he has! Wow!" I think what they might be thinking is "Look at those spaces between his teeth! Wow!" I know, I know...they looked just as cute on his Mama and his Papa (my dad).

One thing I never reported on was Sawyer's first haircut, early in December. Here are some pictures that show off the rat tail and mohawk that he lost in "the buzz". (Sorry, these are in reverse order. The one you see first is the aftermath of Tyson feeding Sawyer some Oreos, then you see the "after" haircut...Sawyer really did not want to pose for a nice picture...the "during", and then the "before".)


  1. Horray for the update! i know that you did it all for me! :) It's good to hear that Tyson has found a job. I feel you with that situation...Keven is still applying for the police departments, but no go as of yet. I know the Lord will bless us in his time. We have been so blessed with so much that in no way has this "Storm" changed my views on what this life is about. I am so happy that all is going well with you and you are still so happy! Keep us updated...we'd love to hear from you. Give Sawyer a kiss for us! :)

  2. You have FINALLY posted! It was so fun to see you guys the other night. Are you going to stick around on Valentine's Day after Grammy's tea party? Did I already ask you that? Oh, I don't know; my brain is all mushy. Anyway, let me know your plans (I feel it only fair to let you know that I do...have...plans (smooch, smooch!)). :)

  3. A rat tail. . .AND a mohawk. . .I didn't know what to expect when I read it, and then I scrolled down to the pictures. WOW!!! :) Speaking of baby haircuts, I cut Evan's mullet off today. I don't know why, but you've crossed my mind a lot lately. Maybe we need to get together. Not maybe, we do.
    Remember that one time you came to my apartment in Holladay and I helped you mystery shop that mattress store with the shirt with the hidden camera?