Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sawyer's First Birthday

Captions soon to follow (as if you can't figure out what's going on!)

"What IS that??!? Is it for me???!" I held the cake far away from Sawyer while the candle was lit, after seeing my niece put out her birthday candle with her finger on her first birthday last year.Look at that little hand, ready to CLAW its way through the cake. As you can see, I did not try to play domestic goddess and bake a cake. I have never baked a cake. I don't like cake. (Except for the cake Jessica's sister served at her daughter Josilyn's first birthday. That was divine!) I let Macey's make this cake. And after seeing what happened to this cake, I'm glad I didn't put my time into making one.

"Hmm. Oreos. These I'm familiar with. I'll start here."

"Dad, hands off my cake!"

Hands IN my cake!

Sawyer showing everyone he is "One".

Sawyer made himself a goatee out of frosting.

Then, when no one was looking, Sawyer tipped the whole cake on the ground.

"Did I do that?" (not said in a Steve Urkel voice, though)

It's fun washing shortening-based frosting off of every inch of baby flesh.

Sawyer's new Push-n-Ride

Sawyer got three kinds of "ba" for his birthday.

All the loot! Later, he was given a fun shape-sorter truck by Grammy and Papa Baker. He also received a coat from them earlier.


  1. Did he knock the cake off onto the floor? Too funny.

    C's first birthday, we just gave him a big slice of cake and he wasn't very interested until he got a fist full of icing in his mouth, then his eyes went big and he picked the whole piece up and tried to shove it all in his mouth at once.


  2. Happy Birthday Sawyer. Those pictures are classic. Good times I am sure for you all.

  3. Happy birthday Sawyer and Happy birthday Mommy! I can't believe he's one! So cute. Don't you just love when frosting is impossible to wash off.