Saturday, October 4, 2008

Day 10 - Oregon Coast - Newport and south

Day 10

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our selected shower and workout spot for the day was the Community Recreation Center in Newport, about 30 miles south of Lincoln City where we had overnighted. As we entered Newport, a sign proclaimed the town the “Friendliest City on the Coast”. Our experience showed this to be true. We had looked up the rec center information online in Lincoln City, and noted that it accepted payment in cash, check or credit card. We only had about five dollars cash on us, so we planned to pay with our card (we like to use it for the cash back rewards, anyway). Our admission fees came to $7, but the minimum credit card transaction was $10. Tyson told the ladies at the desk to just charge us $10, then, but they said they couldn’t. Instead, the let us go in for free, and also gave us a voucher for one free hour in the child care center for Sawyer. We got to work out in their nice facility and take showers without trying to take care of Sawyer at the same time, while he had a great time playing with all the toys in the child care center. He was particularly fond of a toy boat he could ride in, a play kitchen with plenty of cupboard doors to open and close, and a walker that let him stretch his legs and move around the room.

The people working in the center were a friendly middle-aged couple from Colombia. The woman has a brother-in-law who has been here in the U.S. for 40 years, and he sponsored them to come here. They first filed their paperwork over 15 years ago, and had only had the opportunity to come to the U.S. two years ago. They have been working hard to learn English, and we had a nice conversation with them. They doted on Sawyer, and told us how smart he was. We know, we know.

When we left the rec center, we were greeted by a warm, sunny day. Following our workout, we took a walk through the historic harbor area of town, which featured more noisy sea lions and several seafood restaurants we decided were out of our price range. We tried in vain to find a bookstore, and eventually got back on Highway 101 heading south.

Our beach stop for the day was at Cape Perpetua, where we observed the tidal pools and watched the waves crash into Devil’s Churn.

Our next stop was in Florence, Oregon, where we did a couple loads of laundry at a nice laundromat with free wifi. We shopped for a few groceries at a very upscale Safeway grocery store, then overnighted in the parking lot of the Three Rivers Casino.

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