Thursday, September 4, 2008

I've been a blog slacker, and I know my adoring public has all missed me so!
We ended up moving out of our trailer sooner than we had planned, when Adam and Teresa's landlord quickly found a new tenant for their apartment. Our last day there was Thursday August 21. We wanted to hit the road as soon as possible, but life got in the way.

We have been aware since Sawyer's birth that he would need a minor surgery when he was around a year old. We decided to have it done sooner (now) rather than later (around the holidays), so my little guy had surgery a week ago today. I'm sure that any mom will agree that it is terrible (heart-wrenching!) to see your child in pain, and so much worse when you can't do anything to "kiss it better". Coming out of anesthesia was the worst part for Sawyer. I know the last time I came out of general anesthesia, I was telling the nurses in the recovery room what a great athlete I am. This should clearly illustrate how out-of-it anesthesia makes us. But at least as adults we know why we feel funny, and that it will soon go away, and we have language skills to help us express our thoughts and our pains. That's not the case for babies, so they usually come out of anesthesia by crying. So sad! Sawyer is such a good-natured, content, happy baby, that I have almost never heard him cry. And he has NEVER (until surgery) cried inconsolably, or for more than a few moments, really. I've always been able to make it better. It was hard on both of us for this to not be the case. Once he was our of anesthesia, he was still in some pain and he would cry off an on throughout the day. He just wanted to be held and cuddled all the time. For moms, I guess this is the one (and only) perk of having a sick baby - at least they want the cuddles you are more than willing to give!

Sawyer mended quickly and was feeling a lot better by that evening, and practically back to normal the next day. Tyson and I had thought Sawyer's follow-up appointment would be within a week, but instead he needed to be seen two weeks post-surgery. This delayed the start of our trip, so Tyson decided to go work for his uncles on a project they have going in Price, Utah. He has been working 12+ hour shifts most days of the week in an alternative energy carbon-briquet operation (don't ask for more details, just know that it could be on that show "Dirty Jobs"). He will be working until September 15. Sawyer and I have been staying with my parents in Salt Lake while Tyson is gone. Grammy and Papa have been spoiling us with lots of hugs and yummy food.

Yesterday Sawyer and I went to Price to visit Tyson. It had been almost a whole week since we had seen him, which is a record for us. We had such a fun time visiting him. He took us swimming at the WAVE pool (Sawyer was less enthusiastic about the waves than Tyson and me), and out to dinner, then we had a picnic today before Sawyer and I headed back north. Thanks, babe! We really love and miss you!

In all the moving, I seem to have misplaced the USB cable for the camera, so I don't have any new pictures. But as I was organizing things on the laptop I realized I never posted our pictures from the Heaton reunion at Lava Hot Springs, so here they are.

This is the big house where the meals and gatherings are held.

Tyson's cousin Brooke documenting things much better than I ever do.

One of the main activities at Lava is tubing down the Port Neuf river. It is a blast! There are some wilder rapids and falls, and also some long eeeeeeasy stretches. Sawyer got in on the tubing for some of the easy stretches. He liked it - as long has he was *standing up* (as his mom had a heart attack).

Sawyer came out of his tubing experience just fine - hardly got wet! - but Tyson was not so lucky. This is what happened when he missed his tube as he tried t jump into it on the first falls of the route. (P.S.: We did NOT take Sawyer on this part.)

Jared was impressed with Tyson's injury.

A rare picture of me and my honey together.

Tyson relaxing by the private pool. Sawyer went skinny dipping - I'll have to find and post the photos Liz sent me.

Cute Katelyn (Tyson's sister).

Beautiful Liz, little Lydia (Tyson's cousin), and Morgan, who wans't looking.

Liz and Lydia. Liz is getting some practice (her baby is due any day now!!)

Here is Sawyer doing what he does best: being cute (and getting into things).


  1. It's great to hear what's going on! Poor little Sawyer. I totally understand what you're saying about not loving it when doctors poke and prod your baby, although none of my kids have ever been cut open!! Ouch! I'm sure I must have heard what he needed surgery for at some time, but right now I'm drawing a blank. What was it for?

    If you want to venture as far as Missouri on your journey, you're more than welcome to crash here!

  2. HEY! I am so glad you posted a new blog! I have been wondering where the heck you have been! It seems like you guys have been so busy! I want to call you right, but unfortunately I can not because a thief stole my phone! SO email me or blog me or something so I know were are still friends! :) Sawyer is so big! What was his surgery for? I'm glad he's doing good! Also, I didn't know Liz and Morgan are having a baby! Holy smokes! I guess me and kev are old timers now when it comes to having babies! come visit us soon!