Saturday, September 27, 2008

Day 9 - Oregon Coast

My crooked picture of Multnomah Falls. My pictures never turn out as good as the ones on the postcards, and the postcards are nothing compared to seeing it in person!

This saw was a leetle taller than Tyson.

That's me, poking my head out of this tree hauling contraption.

Later we saw a sign that said, "Don't climb on the artifacts." Oops.
Cannon Beach - Can you see the drifting sand?

Day 9

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Due to the problem finding sleeping locations in Portland, we knew our visit there would have to be short. Too bad, because it looked like a neat city, of which we did not get to see much at all.

Instead, we drove a few miles east along the Columbia River to Multnomah Falls, a spectacular, two-tiered waterfall I also visited with my family in 1991. Sawyer was asleep by the time we got there, so Tyson and I had to take turns viewing the falls.

After we viewed the Portland skyline while heading west again, we stopped briefly in Washington Park, where the Zoo, Children’s Museum, and Hoyt Arboretum are located. We were really only there to change a diaper. Not far out of Portland, we passed the turnoff for Banks, Oregon, my Aunt Brenda’s hometown. The area is as beautiful as she always said it was, green and bucolic. A logging equipment museum caught out eye, and we stopped for a few minutes to observe the huge instruments used in the logging trade in days gone by.

As we continued west, rain began to fall. Then more rain and more rain and more rain, and by the time we reached the coast, we were in a huge downpour that didn’t let up for the rest of the day. We stopped at Cannon Beach, but Sawyer was asleep, so Tyson and I had to take turns going down to the shore while the other stayed in the car with the baby. The wind whipped at the incoming waves, tossing them violently. On the beach, streams of sand shivered across the ground. As we continued south on Highway 101, the ocean views became more majestic, the sea angry and threatening.

We stopped in Tillamook, but didn’t make it to the cheese factory until it was ten minutes from closing. No big loss – it’s not like we don’t know where another few cheese factories are! It was still raining hard, so we had no desire to get out of our truck to cook our dinner. We opted to share a container of clam chowder from a fish market across from the cheese factory. After arriving in Lincoln City, our destination for the night, we rented a movie from the Redbox. Our selection turned out to be pretty dumb, but it was fun to do a nice, normal thing like watch a movie. We fell asleep to the sound of rain on our roof.

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  1. so romantic! (you think i'm joking, but i think it sounds fun!) :)