Saturday, September 27, 2008

Day 7 - Seattle. WA

Tyson and Sawyer at the Pike Place Market, right in front of the fish-throwing fishmongers.

Display of fish at the market.

Enjoying the view (and the sunshine) on the Puget Sound.

Sawyer didn't seem to care that he was hanging around with the presidential candidates.

This aggressive duck got a little too close for comfort.

Okay, I posted this one above, too, but this is Tom Plewe (he is my oldest friend I am still in touch with; we met in first grade), me, and Jason Campbell (we met in third grade).

Day 7

September 22, 2008

For some unknown reason, Sawyer slept in until almost ten a.m. After he had his bottle and we all got dressed, we headed to the Lynwood Recreation Center for a swim/workout and showers. I opted to run on the treadmill and do some sit-ups instead of a swim, but Tyson took Sawyer in the shallow pool. The best part was the airplane-shaped floatie Sawyer got to sit in and the fishies he got to play with. Tyson pulled the airplane around the pool while Sawyer while Sawyer clutched his three fishies and imagined he was piloting the craft.

We drove into Seattle to visit a couple tourist destinations, specifically the Pike’s Place market. The parking situation was atrocious, but luckily a homeless man directed us into a parking space. At the market, I got more of a kick out of the huge but low-priced bouquets than the salmon-throwing fishmongers. Tyson humored me by browsing the shops with me, and also walked west for a good view of the harbor.

Not wanting to deal with re-parking the truck, we decided to skip the Seattle Center. I wasn’t at all disappointed with not seeing the Space Needle up close, but I kind of wanted to visit the Experience Music Project. Last year, Tyson and I attended at lecture at USU by a Seattle-based sound-sculptor named Trimpin. One (or more) of his works is located at this museum, but we decided to get out of the downtown area and head to a waterfront park.

Golden Gardens park runs along the waterfront a couple miles north of downtown Seattle. The park includes a sandy beach that allowed us to get up close to the water for the first time. Sawyer liked watching the boats, the kite, and the dogs that were fetching tennis balls from the Puget Sound. He also enjoyed feeding crackers to the ducks in a pond just off the shore, but not when the ducks got a little too close for comfort. Not letting the ducks bother them, a few turtles sunned themselves on logs in the middle of the pond.

We stayed at the park for an hour or so before heading back to Jason’s place to meet up with him and my other old Satellite friend, Tom Plewe for another dinner out. Tom and his girlfriend Jenny chose the restaurant for the evening, India Bistro. Jenny ordered for us, using expertise she gained on a trip she took to India last spring. Tyson and Jenny humored Tom, Jason and me by listening to us reminisce about our elementary school days.

After dinner we got on the road for our destination point for the evening, Lacey, WA. I believe this is where my cousin Aubrey, and his wife Mandy and their kids, lived while he was stationed at Fort Lewis this past summer. They moved east to Missouri through Montana, and soon after, we took the same route in reverse to come west to Washington. Too bad our paths didn’t cross somewhere along the way. Maybe they will when the Dustins reach their more permanent destination of Hawaii. I can dream, right?

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  1. This is making me miss Washington so much! On one of my last days of pregnancy, we visited Pike's Place Market and I purchased one of those huge bouquets of flowers for $8. It was awesome. That's so great that you spent the night in Lacey! Too bad we weren't still there!

    We're planning to be in Utah sometime during the Christmas holidays on our way to Hawaii. We're excited to see you guys again! You can definitely visit us in Hawaii, too! Good luck on the rest of your journey. It's been so fun to read about it and see that we're not the only nomadic people in the family!