Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 5 - Cascades, Whidbey Island & Seattle

Sunny day in the cascade mountains. The craggy peaks were very impressive.

Little truck in the big woods.

The view from the ferry.

Tyson excited about riding the ferry.

Day Five


When morning broke, we saw what Washington weather was really all about. The sky was gray and fog obscured the grand peaks we had seen the day before. Despite the rain, the drive through the Cascades was truly beautiful. The road wound tightly around glacier-cut canyons and deep-turquoise lakes. I can only imagine it would have been even more breathtaking (not in the Seinfeld way) on a sunny day. The moisture in the air turned from dew to drizzle to all-out rain as we drove west. By the time we crossed the bridge onto Whidbey Island, we were in what seemed to be a downpour. When we stopped, we found the rain wasn’t coming down as hard as it had seemed, but it was no weather for picnicking. Whidbey Island afforded us our first glimpses of big, big water. We elected to take a route south through the islands, and then board the ferry to cross to Mukilteo, north of Seattle.

The ferry provided us more enjoyment than it likely does for most passengers, since this was our first time using this mode of transportation. We were on the outside edge, so we got out of the truck to enjoy the view. Unfortunately, Sawyer was asleep during the ferry waiting/riding process. Too bad, because we could have let him out of his car seat for some wiggle time for the first time that day.

After we disembarked the ferry, we headed south to visit my friend Jason Campbell. Jason and I have known each other since third grade. We carpooled to Satellite together (if you know what that means, you know what that means), which meant we basically spent 50 hours a week for three years. After sixth grade, our friendship sort of went on hiatus until it was rekindled briefly at Utah State a few years ago before Jason moved to Seattle for grad school in graphic design.

After Jason let us use his bathroom, his towels, and his washer and dryer, he suggested a Thai place for the three (and a half) of us to go to dinner. Jason started going to the restaurant, Thai 65, when he was studying at University of Washington. The owners and servers greeted him by name. We all shared Tom Kha Gai soup, drunken noodles, the cutest tiny spring rolls, and floating rama (chicken).

Back at the apartment, I got to take a look at Jason’s design portfolio before I rejoined Tyson and Sawyer in the car for a late night tour of Seattle (in search of a laundromat that never materialized). We got to see the downtown skyline at night, Space Needle and all, but it would have been better if it happened in less-frustrating circumstances. We eventually decided to drive out of the city to turn in for the night.


  1. Hey, remember when we took a family road trip to Montana and
    Canada, and I kept a journal of the trip (very similar to the record you're keeping -- scenery, events of the day, etc.), and you RIDICULED me? I'll spare you the disgust you heaped upon me and say that I'm glad you're keeping us all posted on what you're doing! :)

  2. are prego? Did I miss something..did you post this a long time ago and i missed it..whoa...this is exciting.

  3. oh, goodness brittany! NO! I'm going to go back and read through this to see what gave you that idea.

  4. ok, i see...the three and a half of us were me, tyson, jason, and Sawyer (the baby or half person). If I were pregnant, I don't think I could do this trip right now. But when we get back, yes, definitely.