Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Before we left

Note: I'll be composing my trip log as time permits, and posting it as internet connectivity permits. The past couple of days, time has permitted a lot of writing. Certainly you don't have to read this whole thing! First, a few pictures from before we left.

The aftermath of avocado in Sawyer's lunch. The green avocado hanging from his nose turned out to be a booger.A bath was the after-aftermath of the avocado lunch.

While we were packing and moving, Sawyer spent a lot of time being a baby in a box.

Tyson's job in Price involved carbon dust. It left him looking like he wore eyeliner. Maybe he is the lead singer in an emo/punk band or maybe he is Captain Jack Sparrow. Or maybe he just doesn't know about makeup remover.
Sawyer having fun with Aunt Katelyn's dog Tip.

Sawyer just being cute Sawyer.

I usually don't have trouble with my images in Blogger, but for some reason I can't get this great picture of Hudson, Liz, and Grandma Jones to rotate. More Baby Hudson pics. Look at that gorgeous head of hair!

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