Sunday, July 20, 2008

What blogs do you like?

We all have our friends' and family members' blogs we like to check up on, but what other blogs do you like to read (if any), and what do your choices say about you?

My favorite "other" blog to read is . This lady is hilarious - a city girl who married a rancher and chronicles her life on their ranch in the midwest. She has yummy recipes, an adorable Bassett Hound, four cute kids, good Photoshop tutorials, and is an engaging writer. I heartily recommend her blog! Oh, and she does little giveaways pretty often where readers can win prizes.

I also read Dooce pretty often ( This girl (Heather Armstrong) was one of the first well-known bloggers. You can read her Wikipedia entry. She is an ex-Mormon residing in Salt Lake City. Pretty funny stuff sometimes.

I guess what these choices say about me is that I like funny women with good design sensibilities.

So, tell me who you like to read!

Edited to add: I had the Pioneer Woman's link wrong, but it's corrected now.


  1. You do know that dooce is my aunt, right? Funny thing is, she's not like that at family gatherings. I don't think she likes us much. Avoids us for the most part. But I do check in occasionally to keep up on stuff. She is funny, although sometimes she goes a bit too far in terms of TMI and the church.

    So mostly just friends and family. And every once in a while I'll check out someone's blog linked through one of my friends. But they're not usually as interesting as my friends'.

  2. No, I hadn't put 2+2 together there. I think vaguely remembering you mentioning this a couple years ago. That's funny! Yeah, she does go too far sometimes, but I get a kick out of some things, particularly regarding the dogs and her little girl. So shs is married to your dad's younger brother, I guess?

  3. I like and Both fun, working moms, different careers and perspectives on things.

  4. Well now you've done it. I just spent 45 minutes reading the pioneerwoman blog you recommended and I believe I am hooked. Thanks for the recommendation, I think. I was supposed to be cleaning the kitchen while Jackson napped. Oh well, this was much more fun!

  5. Yes. That's his younger brother, Jon. But it's so weird because he's like 10 years older than her and she's only 3 years older than us. Which wouldn't be weird for anyone else maybe, but it's like had they known each other earlier, during family gatherings she would have been hanging out with us (particularly me, because there were no girl cousins) and not my uncle.

  6. Before you even said anything, I thought, "I'll bet Lisa mentions dooce". I was so right! If you like photography, check out
    a friend from high school that now shoots for the d-news. He always has some great stories and photos

  7. Hi, Lisa! This is Jen Hagen from your old Centerville home ward. I found your blog off of Kara's. I thought I would leave a comment because I was just introduced to a great blog at It is absolutely hilarious!