Sunday, July 27, 2008

To quote Cher, "Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves"

Maybe you're not as familiar with vintage Cher as I am, but as Tyson, Sawyer and I pile into the front seat of the Ranger (yes, all three of us ride in the front seat - Tyson driving, me in the middle squished next to the gearshift, and Sawyer in his carseat on the passenger side, with the airbag disabled - and yes, this arrangement is legal and "safe") with half our earthly possessions in the back under the shell, the chorus to the old Cher song runs through my head. Okay, maybe we're not tramps, and we're probably not thieves (unless you count the food we've been eating out of other people's refrigerators - but they have offered it to us), but gypsies? Yes, we definitely feel like gypsies these days. We stay a night or two in one place, then throw all our gear into the truck and head to the next destination. Our thanks go out to our friends and family for the kind hospitality we have received this past week from Matt and Wendy, Jared and Macall, and my parents. Tyson will continue being a gypsy for this coming week while I return to Logan to do some work, open the mail we haven't picked up for a month, take Sawyer for his nine-month checkup, and hopefully make some progress on selling the trailer.

This was a special week for us because my Dad's family from Boise and New Orleans visited us in Salt Lake City. As soon as I get my pictures downloaded I will make a full report. And you know when I say full report, I mean it, because look at my Heaton reunion report! Speaking of Heaton reunions, the Lava Hot Springs reunion is August 4-6, so you and I are in for a lot more Heaton fun here.


  1. When you guys coming to California?! We miss you! :)

  2. Looking forward to seeing pictures! I wish Ry and I could have come. :( It seems like the timing is always just off for these get-togethers.

    Kit keeps talking about how much Sawyer looks like baby Ryan; Ryan says that's because you two have always had pretty similar looks. Genes are funny things, huh. My parents and sister have been visiting with our extended family in Texas (another trip we missed, boo) and the similarities between Meredith and I and these third or fourth cousins are apparently astonishing.

  3. Hey, I'm going to tag youse guys to do the 37 Things meme. :)