Friday, June 6, 2008

Two down, three to go...

Since we've been mostly away from home for the past week-plus, I hadn't been able to do a good job of finding homes for the kittens, who are now seven weeks old. I've had a few phone calls from the ads I put on craigslist and KSL, but no one who actually showed up to look at the kittens. Last night, though, my sister-in-law Liz brought her aunt and cousins over to pick out a kitten. They ended up choosing TWO instead, the gray male (my little lion, the biggest of the litter) and the black female (my little princess, the smallest of the litter). These were my two favorites, so I'm sad to see them go, but I'm very glad they are going to a good, cat-loving home.

Now I need to find homes for the remaining two black males and one gray female. They are cute as can be, litterbox trained, and eating dry food. If anyone wants a kitten or knows someone who wants one, please get in touch with me!


In other news, Tyson's parents got home from Mexico, and we relinquished our temporary custody of eight-year-old Rachel and 11-year-old Taylor. The kids were good sports during our tenure, as we dragged them all over northern Utah. We are job hunting for Tyson, and he had an interview in Lehi and a government test in Salt Lake City this week. Taylor, Rachel, Sawyer, and I visited the Discovery Gateway and had a good time, though I think they enjoyed The Tilt arcade nearly as much. My dad took all of us all and our friend Noah to dinner at Greek Souvlaki, which I think is one of the best values in Salt Lake Valley, and tasty to boot. We had fun showing my dad the Wii; we played tennis and MarioKart. In Utah Valley, Tyson's cousin Jared and his wife Macall were kind enough to let us stay overnight at their house on short notice (again - it seems we always do this to them). The kids stayed with their cousins at Jared's parents' house. The un-highlight of the trip was when Sawyer crawled off the bed during the few seconds I left the room to make his bottle. I had made a pillow fort around him, but he scrambled over it and dove off the side. He grazed his face on a suitcase wheel on the way down, and came away with a scratch down his cheek. He was quite startled, but no worse for the wear, luckily. I'm so glad it wasn't any worse. Poor baby, with such a dumb, negligent mother.

Tyson went down to Salt Lake again today for an inerview with City of South Jordan. He just called me and told me it went really well. We'll keep you posted on what comes of this whole endeavour!


  1. Yeah for job hunting! I hope it goes well and eventually you guys can be closer so we can see you more often.

    And just today Gavin dived out of his bouncy chair before I got him strapped in and landed on his head on the counter. He was upset, but no marks. It could have been so much worse. But I still felt awful and stupid for thinking he'd hold still for just a second. Won't be doing that again.

  2. I think it is such a miracle these little boys make it through to adulthood. They are such curious little souls from the very beginning and often the adventures they seek end up with scrapes, bruises and goose eggs. Don't beat yourself up about it too much though. Jackson climbed onto the fireplace and smacked his head a good one before we realized it. I guess the fun never ends.

  3. yay! i'm so excited for you guys and this new endeavor in your life! i know tyson will do a great job with whatever job he gets! is he going to commute if he gets a place in south jordan or salt lake or are you guys moving? i hope all is well! love you!

  4. I was going to type about the things my kids have fallen off of, but started feeling like a horrible mother, so I'll just say that my kids have done things like that too, and sometimes I think I'm miraculously lucky that they aren't injured or dead (did I tell you about when the lifeguard at the rec center saved A?).

    I'm glad Sawyer is okay. It makes your heart stop when things like that happen.

    Good luck with the interviews! I hope Tyson gets an awesome job somewhere close enough to hang out regularly!