Monday, June 30, 2008

Tag: You're (Un)Interesting!

I've been tagged by Andrea for a "10 Interesting Things About Me" tag. Thing is, I never claimed to be interesting, and I've had a tough time coming up with these things.

1- There are paintings of me in art galleries and private collections.

2 - I've written some commercials you may have heard on the radio.

3- I have extremely poor vision. My prescription power is -7.50 for my left eye and -6.25 for my right eye.

4- I was moved ahead from kindergarten to first grade, so I was always younger than everyone in my class. I would have already been the smallest kid in my own grade, so I was like the munchkin kid all throughout school.

5- I once won about $530 answering trivia questions on the radio. To be precise, I won the equivalent of $1 million Italian lira on 107.5 The End (now 101.9). they had been holding the contest every weekday for over a month with no winner. When I won, they said, "And you're our first Italian Millionaire!" And I said, with cockiness only a true trivia buff could muster, "I KNEW it would be me!!!!"

6- I once got a balled-up tinfoil Easter egg wrapper stuck in my ear, and had to get it vacuum-removed by an ear, nose & throat specialist. When this happened, I wasn't four. I was fourteen.
7- I did a triathlon - but I think I came in last in my division!

8- I've had my driver's license for almost 14 years, and spent only 1.5 of those years driving a car with air conditioning.
  • I drove a 1984 Toyota 2WD pick-up when I first got my license. No A/C.
  • My first car, purchased in 1998, was a 1992 Mazda MX-3. The A/C broke a seven months after I got the car, but I drove the car for about six more years.
  • Tillie, the white 1994 Nissan Sentra, replaced my MX-3. Tillie had functioning air conditioning, but I totaled her in a wreck in Sardine Canyon in January 2005, six months after I got her. Boohoo! RIP, Tillie!
  • The 1997 Ford Taurus was next, and it had working A/C. However, nothing else about the pile of car/crap worked, and we sold it after five months, in September 2005.
  • Now my car is another 1994 Nissan Sentra, silver ("Li'l Pepe the Silver Bullet"), with no A/C. We purchased Li'l Pepe in April 2006 and he is going strong! (And hot!)

(I should note that our other vehicle, Tyson's 1997 Ford Ranger ("Red Ranger"), has A/C...but this has never been my primary vehicle, and even its A/C is starting to get a little finicky.)

Another "interesting" thing about my vehicle history? I have never owned a remotely new car, or really driven anything manufactured after the year 2000.

9- I spent my entire 29th birthday in labor, from when I woke up at 6:45am until midnight. (And of course I was still in labor after midnight, but my birthday was over and Sawyer was born the next morning.)

10- I used to go country dancing every week, and I was pretty good. Tyson and I met at the country dancing place here in town, but it turned out he didn't like to dance. We met on a Thursday and bought my engagement ring 14 days later. I didn't know until after we were engaged that he was no fan of country dancing.

Oh geez...apologies to all who suffered through that "interesting" post. To spice things up, here are the latest Sawyer pictures.

And I tag Kari!

Sawyer failing to make it through my makeshift baby-gate

Ready to go to the lake

My sister-in-law Liz's dad was nice enough to take us boating at Hyrum Dam. Thanks, Mark! You can't see, but Tyson is holding Sawyer, who had a fun time swimming and riding in the boat.


  1. Are you kidding me?! THat was totally interesting! (And that's not sarcasim!) And forgot the most interesting moment...when we would text people from your phone with my phone and they would call and we would have to pick up the phone to hang it up so they didn't hear our voice mail! hahaha...NOW THOSE ARE SOME INTERESTING TIMES!! thanks for all that though...i miss you!

  2. I must admit, I did learn a lot of things I never knew I never knew! I can't believe your eyes are so bad--but I do recall seeing some pictures of pretty thick glasses adorning your face. You were so cute! Gotta love those slideshows.

  3. um did you really build that chair baby gate? that is pretty genius. Not only does it not let him get to the next room, but it keeps him occupied for a few minutes.

  4. I knew most of this stuff...but what art galleries are you in? That one totally mystifies me...

  5. It was very interesting and captivating post for the reader. I think you came up with not only a variety of topics but also they had substance and weren’t just trivial mundane things. People could relate to it well. That is cool that you are such an accomplished writer and that you are such a trivia buff. I always think that I am but when it comes down to prove it there is no way that I could become an "Italian Millionaire".