Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sports Academy co-workers/friends - Come out of the woodwork!

I have a couple of friend problems:

1 - I have never been the most outgoing person in the world, and sometimes I'm downright shy. Consequently, I don't find it easy to make new friends. (I'm not saying I couldn't change this; I'm just stating things as they are now.)

2 - Even worse, I am pretty bad at staying in touch with friends and co-workers after they or I move on from the place where we knew each other.

So, I don't make a lot of friends, and I don't always keep the ones I've got - how silly is that!?!

Blogs are great, though, because you can keep up with people long distance. Who hasn't found one old friend's blog, and scanned the list of their friends' blogs to see if there is someone else you know? Next thing you know, you're hopping from one blog to another, feeling like you're stalking people you knew long ago.

I did that a couple of months ago when I happened across the blog of one of my old co-workers from the Sports Academy. For those who don't know, the Sports Academy & Racquet Club is a fitness facility in Logan. I worked there from February 2004 to July 2005 as an activities person and administrative assistant to the lesson programs for kids. I know, I, working at a gym! We all know I am one of the least-athletic people in the world! The Sports Academy was a fun place to work, though, full of fun people. The group of us girls would go to lunch or dinner pretty often, and attend each others' bridal and baby showers, Pampered Chef parties, and what have you. But, like any population of college-aged newlyweds and single people, we all graduated, got married, moved, or just moved on, eventually.

Well, girls, I've tracked some of you down, and I'm calling you out! Here's the list of people's blogs I've found. Please say hi, and let me know if you know a blog for anyone else. Thank you, all, for being my friends for that time in my life. I hope everything is going well for all of you!

Hopefully you won't mind me posting your links. I just thought it would be fun for everyone to catch up with each other.

Chelsey -

Elise -

Heather -

Natalie - (private now - can someone with access email or comment her about this post?)

Hallie -

Megan -

Chelsea -

Katie (tumbling) -

I have also run into or been in touch with Kelli, Sheri, Melanie, and Stacee, but I don't know if they have blogs.


  1. Hi Lisa:) Yes it is so fun to find old friends through the crazy blogging world! Your little family is so cute:) Those are the only blogs from people we worked with that I know if....

  2. HEY!!!!!! I haven't talked to you in awhile. even though i am not your sports academy friend, i do remember talking in the locker room about insignificant others! ha! miss you friend! i hope all is well! love you!