Tuesday, June 24, 2008

High School Tag

No one tagged me, but I saw this on my friend Elise's blog, so I thought I'd do it.

1. If you could tell your teenage self something, what would it be?

I would tell myself to not be so shy, to stop worrying so much about what other people think, and to learn how to apply myself in school, because coasting by and getting A's won't last forever. Oh yeah, and I would tell myself to get a decent haircut and some more flattering clothes.

2. Did you do any extracurricular activities during high school?

Is bowling while everyone else is at a school dance considered an extracurricular activity? Well, other than that, just choir. And DECA (the marketing club) with my friend Emily, but we didn't actually do anything the whole year besides go to Robintino's one time for pizza.

3. What did you do in your free time?

I read a lot and wrote in my journal about a boy I was borderline obsessed with. I hung out with my girlfriends and...went bowling, ate at Subway (then worked there), went to church activities.

4. Coolest thing you did in High School?

The Biology Trip to Disneyland and Seaworld is a fun memory. (Sounds very biology-intensive, doesn't it?) I think pretty much everything I did in high school was supremely uncool, though...like wearing a chipmunk/acorn/squirrel-patterned shirt, never going on a date with anyone at my high school, riding the bus, being in the MARCHING BAND for one semester...I could go on. But I had a good time and never really hated high school while I was in it. I had great friends. They were the coolest thing about high school.

5. Did you have a boyfriend in High School?

Only in my mind!

6. Songs that come to mind...

"Whatta Man" by En Vogue and Salt-N-Pepa
"Shoop" by Salt-N-Pepa
"Waterfalls" by TLC
"I Saw the Sign" Ace of Base
"Breathe Again" Toni Braxton
"I'm Your Lady" Celine Dion
"All I Wanna Do" Sheryl Crow
"I'll Be There For You" (the Friends theme song)
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" Nirvana

Then I started listening almost exclusively to classic rock, so I kind of missed what came next musically.

7. If you could change one thing what would it be?

I guess I never would have asked him to that dance that he didn't know I asked him to. If it hadn't gone the way it did, maybe I wouldn't have been so embarrassed and shy for the rest of high school. Maybe, but who knows? It was just too embarrassing, the whole thing, from start to finish!!! If a person could die from mortification, I would have.

8. What did you think you'd be when you grew up?

I had no idea, except that I wanted to be in advertising. Or an Oscar-winning actress. Whichever.

9. Craziest thing you did in High School?

In case you couldn't already guess, there wasn't too much craziness going on in my high school life. Well, except in my head!

Now that I'm done typing this, it seems a little more depressing than I anticipated it would be. Sorry for the downer! But like I said, I actually have positive memories looking back on high school, thanks to my awesome friends who I still get together with at least monthly to this day. Love you, girls! Ets-lay oh-gay owling-bay, okay-ay?
I tag...Elise (you should answer this one yourself), Jessica, Kara, and Becca Dustin. (Emily, Kari, and Alice, feel free to participate, but I didn't tag you because I think I know most of your answers already.)

The first week of school, the seniors whitewash the "V" (for Viewmont) on the mountain to the east of the high school.

I always wondered why my "drape" had what looked like a smily face smushed into the velvet below the neckline.


  1. It all makes sense now! ha..when you were in high school...i was in 3rd grade! :) i remember when we were cruising down main st in logan listening to "old school" songs when i said, "wow, this reminds me of junior high" and you said, "what the..this is my freshmen year in college!" ha! gotta love it! i'm definately glad i didn't graduate your year. haha jk

  2. Yeah, even my husband was in eighth grade when I was a senior, and you were in what, fifth grade? I believe the song you are referring to was "No Diggety", and you said "6th Grade" and I said "College Sophomore Year" Argh!!!!! And, we were in the Arby's drive-thru (but later listened to "Back that *** Up" at Sonic...same night.

    Whoa, did we eat a lot or something?

  3. Ah High school.

    Remember that sleep over at your house? I still think we're both totally awesome!

  4. Wow Lisa I laughed my head off reading this post. Some day I want more details about some of these stories. Thanks for making my night!