Thursday, June 26, 2008

From Annette Bening to Jodie Sweetin in five short years.

These celebrity lookalike things are a kick. The results are in: Sawyer is Asian, Tyson is a politician, and five years ago I was significantly more likely to resemble an attractive celebrity. Full House rocks, though, right?


  1. I've done this before and one of the pictures I used came back with some matches...most of which were MEN! So I look like a dude apparently! George Michael, Eminem, and Topher Grace were just a few. I was feeling totally bummed and like my mustache must be showing or something. (When I swiched photos I got more women, but still, there were men present in the results.) Meth addict Jodie Sweetin isn't so bad compared to Sir Edmund Hillary.

  2. Hey! I recognize that picture! Jodie Sweetin, huh? Could Be a lot worse! I think mine came out Wilford Brimley.