Thursday, June 19, 2008

Christmas in July

(Immediately after this picture I was tickle-tortured while trapped in my sleeping bag.)

I finally got a new camera!!! I went with the Canon PowerShot A720 IS. You can read all about it here on Digital Photography Review. And believe me, I did. I am one of those people who never makes split-second purchasing decisions. I have to look at all the sites, all the stores, all the reviews, see the choices in person, etc. etc.

This is frustrating for Tyson, because it is not at all his purchasing method. He tells me this is why he hasn't bought me a present for numerous present-imperative occasions - because he doesn't want to get me something I don't think is the "right one". But the truth is, I would love whatever he would get me. Just like I am going to love the new mountain bike he has picked out for me!!! It should be arriving in a few weeks.

Wow, I am so spoiled right now...and so is Tyson, because we got a new tent and new sleeping bags. And so is Sawyer, because he is getting a backpack baby carrier (to ride in like a little prince as a parent provides pack-mule services). These presents for all of us are what we are doing with a little of the money we thought about using to go to Mexico. We decided to cancel that idea, partly because no one wanted to jump on board (or, not that they didn't want to, but they couldn't at this time). So we are spending some of the money to outfit ourselves with camping/backpacking equipment we hope to use for a good 20 years or so. We have an awesome gear hook-up (you know who you are - thank you so much, you are wonderful!!!) that enables us to make these purchases at outrageously low prices. Tyson is graduating and this is our celebration!!! It will be an extra adventure because we are going to try to camp/hike/do the outdoor thing with an 8-month-old baby. Wish us luck!

Sawyer with Uncle Andrew

My wonderful new sleeping bag


  1. YAY for your new is very good quality..i can tell! AND i'm excited you got camping equipment and a mountain bike! you should ride your bike down here and we'll go riding together! :)

  2. We had the same problem when we bought our camera. I had to look at all the consumer reports, talk to photo geeks, visit Inkleys and still I couldn't make a decision. Wayne finally just said, "So..can I just go and get the Nikon?" Even after he left to get it, I still didn't know if I made the right decision. It sucks being indecisive and perfectionistic. Which is the very reason I'm far from perfect: I can't decide what's right or what would be best.

    Plus, I love your camping gear. A baby back pack is totally the way to go. We have two of them and have loved them. However, being short in stature makes it a little more difficult for me to distribute the weight to my hips and I end up with more on my shoulders, but it's do-able. How do you spell that word? We should totally go camping sometime.

  3. O.k, so I totally didn't know until posted that comment just now that I appear as "the nerdery." It's just me, MLE. 'Case you were wondering

  4. My Mister and I are thinking about taking the trailer out for a trial run over the 4th of July if anyone wants to come along!

    (you know, to test out new camping equipment, or old camping equipment)

  5. Aaah, dang, we already are going to Monticello over the 4th of July. Let's get a camping trip planned for sometime this summer. I havne't camped with most of you since Girls Camp!

  6. Ah 4th of July in Monticello. The memories.

    You should buy Tyson some paste colored clothing just for fun.