Saturday, June 28, 2008

An embarrassing moment from high school!

With Elise being so cracked up by my high school tag and wanting to hear more, and with a high school expression and related embarrassing moment being mentioned on my friend Emily's blog, I've decided to share my embarrassing moment here.


It was my first day of junior year, in my last class of the day, honors English. We all had to say our names and "get to know each other". Then Mrs. Dubois said she would give a special treat (an edible reinforcement) to whoever could come up to the front of the class and say each person's first and last name. I knew I could do it, but my shyness won out over my memorization skills, and I did not volunteer.

A certain person named Brad volunteered, but soon his lack of memorization skills won out over his cockiness, and he was stumped, stuck on a few people whose names he didn't know, "Uhm, uh, I know it, I know it, I really do! Um..." No you don't know it, Brad, because this person is not popular like you, so you just learned this person's name today, and you don't remember it!

Mrs. Dubois said since class was almost over Brad would have to give someone else a chance, but he just stood there, desperately trying to remember some poor, non-popular person's name. I decided my desire for a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup (full size, in the orange package) outweighed my shyness, so I volunteered and Mrs. Dubois let me come up to the front. I whizzed through all the names, got my Reese's, and turned to go back to my seat (the front corner, as we were seated alphabetically by last name). But before I reached my seat, Brad, who had still been standing next to me at the front of the class uhm-ing, said, "Hey, you can't have that candy bar! You didn't say everyone's names, because you skipped me!"

I rolled my eyes at this person whom I had known since seventh grade, as in, duh, Brad, you know I know your name, don't be an idiot. And then I said, in the very exasperated tone of voice that matched my teenaged eye-rolling, "BRAD PITT".

Brad PITT! This person's name wasn't Brad PITT! Brad Pitt was the extremely popular heartthrob actor of the blond hair, the dimples, the feckless grin, the universally-agreed-upon-gorgeousness! I had just called my classmate Brad Pitt. My classmate of the blond hair, the dimples (?), the grin, who was mostly-universally-agreed-upon-in-my-high-school-to-be-at-least-cute.

OH NO, he thinks I think he looks like Brad Pitt! He thinks I call him Brad Pitt secretly, at home, in my journal! He thinks this is my code name for him with my friends! And not just him...this is what everyone in my class now thinks, isn't it?!? Their erupting laughter told me that if they didn't think that, they at least thought my faux pas was extremely hilarious. My cheeks flushing red, I weakly said, "Haha, just kidding! Brad Richards."

The bell then rang, concluding the first day of school. I could tell already that junior year was going to be wonderful, just wonderful!


  1. OH That was tres, tres, very tres! Ha, Ha! At the same time, I feel for you. Remind me to tell you about Sunday school sometime.

  2. I would have been traumatized too! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hmmmmm...not quite sure what to say about this one... Well, at least I am able to see what you thought of me in high school :) Pretty funny memory though. But, I did know it, I just needed more time...hahaha! My wife says that I am still like that to some degree, not sure what to think about that either. But owe me a reeses. Hope all is well.