Thursday, June 19, 2008

Different year, same clothes...

I've been camera-less for too long now, and my blog is getting very blah-looking with all this text. Searching for a picture to post, I came across this one from almost three years ago. This is Tyson and me at my family reunion in Monticello, taken while we were engaged. In case you're wondering what I'm holding, it's a rocket (rocket launching was one of our reunion activities - you'd have to be in my family to really understand, which at the time, Tyson wasn't, but he tried his best).

As I was looking at this picture, I realized I am wearing this same shirt right now, today. That's what happens when you get are poor and you can't afford to update your wardrobe. Even better, this shirt came from D.I. in the first place! Truth be told, I think I've been a bargain/secondhand shopper for so long, I can barely stomach buying something at full price at a regular store. I think I will make a splurge soon, though, and buy something at my sister-in-law Liz's new boutique (Leyda's Boutique, in the CV Mall).

Anyway, this picture is not very flattering to my couch-slept, windblown hair, or to my jawline, for that matter. But it's pretty good of our tans! Love you, babe! Loved you then, love you now!


  1. Hi Lisa! That's so fun that you found everyones blogs. The only persons I'd seen was Chelseas. I do know that she has Collin Searles on hers as well because I looked at it the other night.

  2. don't you look like a pretty lil thang. HHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYY!!!!!! you seriously look like a beauty in the making! :) I still remember when I talked with you over memorial weekend a couple years ago and you were going to to go rock climbing with some dude you met dancing...who would've thought he'd be yo baby daddy! :) aka your eternal companion! :)