Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'm still here...we all are.

Sorry I haven't updated for a few weeks! I'm sure you all (my audience of ten or so) have been missing the Sawyer and kitten pictures and antics. I'm sad to say that though I can do something to fulfill your need for antics, you'll have to go on missing the pictures, because my camera is on the fritz. Boohoo!

If I had been updating regularly, you would already know...

...I planted a bunch of herbs and a few vegetables in pots and barrels in front of my trailer.

...Kitty (the mom cat) is getting way too skinny, but a few of the kittens are eating solid foods now, so I hope that will help.

...Sawyer is eating "puffs" (his first finger foods).

...I did something I swore to myself 12 years ago I would NEVER do again: I cut my own bangs. I was only going to trim my long, sideswept bangs, but then I thought, "I need a new look" (and ignored the warning bell in my head). By the time I was done, I realized I was sporting about the exact same haircut as in my senior picture (circa 1995), except with bangs that look only slightly less "curled-over-a-popcan" and slightly more "trimmed not by scissors but by nibbling rats". Worse, my hairdresser/sister Krista was on a Mexican cruise, and couldn't fix them for me for several days. People tell me they look cute (and by "people", I mean aforementioned sister), but I'm not so sure. Sawyer stared at me and Tyson laughed at me, and their reactions seem a bit more honest.

...Tyson finished spring semester and got a 4.0 (again). He is already done with three of the 12 credits he is taking this summer, and then he graduates!

...I don't even want to talk about Mothers Day -- but I do have a great mom and mother-in-law, so I want to give them a shout-out. The cards I wrote for them (and for my grandmother) are still on my counter.

That pretty much brings us to the present. We had a family birthday dinner at the Mandarin last night for my dad and Krista. Thanks Mom and Dad, it was delicious! We still need to sing happy birthday, though!

Here are a few pictures I took before my camera died. Sorry, they are blurry, but these are of Sawyer eating puffs for the first time, and a family picture Kara took on Mothers Day. Tyson and I look kind of goofy, but Sawyer is a doll, and isn't he who everyone looks at anyway? (Note: this was before Krista's fix-job on my bangs.)

"I love you, Kitty. Come here!"


  1. I meant to ask you if Tyson had graduated yet - I guess pretty soon. So exciting! And Sawyer is so handsome.

    About the bangs - I also cut my own and everytime I wonder if I've made a mistake. I keep thinking about growing them out, but I think I look bald with out something on my forehead. But I figure no matter what, as long as I don't try to make them look like Tanya Harding Bangs (the kind that bury your forehead under a solid hair brick), I'll be o.k.

  2. You've got such a cute little family!

  3. Yea on Tyson almost being done! (for now anyway, is there a plan for what comes next yet? I *love* those plans)

    I think you did a pretty good job on your own bangs.
    (and Emily, you have way too much hair to ever look bald, whether you had bangs or not!)

    Is Kitty pretty good about letting Sawyer play with her?

  4. oh i love sawyer...and I LOVE YOU! hahaha! i was literally LOL at work right now! I think this kid thought that I was laughing at him when he walked by. i miss you guys so much! it sounds like everyone is doing good. i'm glad you have your food storage...aka flower pots! call me someday so we can chat! :) p.s i told my co worker of our paris hotel/lake havesu/paying nothing on our spring break experience! it brought a smile to my face! love you!