Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sawyer's Uncooperative Feet

Last Friday, Sawyer "discovered" his feet while I was bathing him. He was pretty cute, grabbing at his little mini-sausage toes and wedge-of-flesh feet. He kept it up the next day while he was on his back on the living room floor. He was yanking at his socks and stretching them out, but the "stay-put cuff" was doing its job, and he couldn't get the socks off. I removed them for him, so he could get at those little toes. I took some cute pictures, but then something I didn't expect happened.

I had my back turned, and Sawyer wailed out in anger and sadness. I turned around to see what the trouble was, but I couldn't see anything wrong. Sawyer was just laying there, and he settled down as soon as I talked to him. I decided to watch him for a minute, though, because crying is such a rare occurrence from Sawyer. He proceeded to get one of his hands on one of his feet, and I think he was trying to pull his toes to his mouth. However, the will of his leg to return to the floor, and its strength to do so, seemed to be stronger than his arm's ability to pull said leg toward his mouth. It flew from his grasp and whipped toward the floor, eliciting another angry outburst from Sawyer. Someone had taken his new toy! He calmed down again, and then repeated the whole process while his dad was within earshot. "What did you DO to him!?!" Tyson exclaimed. This is how rare it is for Sawyer to cry. Any such cry must mean he has been mistreated horribly. "I didn't do anything. He's mad at his foot!"

Luckily, this tragedy didn't happen again, but a whole new one soon occurred, involving BOTH feet. I guess Sawyer determined that since he couldn't get one of his feet to his mouth, he would see if he had better luck getting both at the same time. He got one foot in each hand and pulled...and pulled...and pulled. They didn't fly out of his grasp, but they didn't make it to his mouth, either. He just sat there, pulling them, exerting such effort, until he became extremely frustrated and burst into tears and screams. Someone was keeping him from putting his new toy in his mouth! Again, he was easily consoled, and again, he repeated the whole performance.

Well, I had had enough of this sad spectacle. I knew what to do. I replaced his socks on his feet, thus removing most of the temptation and fascination of those wriggling piggies. The Foot-in-Mouth crisis came to an end.

Tomorrow I'll put up the cute pictures of Sawyer grabbing his feet, before he realized how terrible the whole experience was going to be.

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