Saturday, April 19, 2008

Play Date!

On Wednesday, my dear friend Kari came up to Logan with her darling son Jackson for a play date with me and Sawyer. Jackson is about 16 months old, and he quickly helped me see how un-babyproofed my house is. We made the mistake of showing him the baby kitties at the beginning of the visit. After that, he made a beeline down the hall toward their box whenever our backs were turned. We blocked his route with a large chair. Then, he headed to the kitchen, and the first cupboard he opened was the one with all the Poison! Poison! Death! Death! stuff in it, of course. I had to block the entrance to the kitchen with my rolling butcher block. This worked out well, because the butcher block cupboard is full of tupperware and pots (or cauldrons and drums, in toddler-world). I told Kari she should hire Jackson out as a babyproofing consultant.

Jackson and Sawyer had communicated telepathically and dressed themselves in matching outfits. They looked so cute! It's funny how at this age, their 11-month age difference seems so big, but in a few years they will basically seem the "same age".

Thanks for coming, Kari -- it means a lot to me!

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  1. Thanks again for letting us come play;I loved having an adult friend to talk to during the day. We'd love to have you and Sawyer play here sometime if you come our way!