Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kitten & Cat Portraits

Bear with me, here, as I post some more kitten pictures. The kittens turned two weeks old yesterday. All five of them seem to be thriving, and all but one have their eyes open now. Kitty transfered them from under our bed to a wicker laundry basket in our extra room. The more adventurous kittens sometimes try to climb up the sides of the basket. They get cuter and cuter every day! I have a favorite black one and a favorite gray one, pictured below.

This gray one is the biggest of the kittens:

This black one has the cutest little face:

Kitty, the mom cat, is doing well. She seems so skinny, though. I think I might start giving her tuna fish, even though that's probably not WIC-approved! I took some pictures of her Sunday while I was on the porch enjoying the fabulous weather. She is such a pretty little cat:


  1. When you post more pictures of your cat than of your child, you know you have a problem (oh yeah, your camera "broke").

  2. If your child had come out as a litter of children, I think there'd be just as many pictures of the child-litter as the kitty-litter.

    Kitty the mom is a lovely cat, I like the one with her tail up, that's a big bushy tail for such a skinny kitty. That's the one I pick to send to all your friends and family.