Monday, April 14, 2008

A Fondue Party: Because It's "Fon" to "Due"!

Party People

Tyson and I had a fondue party with our friends on Saturday night. My parents generously let us use their house, which can accomodate a crowd of 25 fondue-ers a lot better than our trailer. We had a really fun time getting together with our friends:

Adam & Teresa O.
Matt & Wendy M. (plus Carson)
Noah T. & his friend Liz and her sister, plus, briefly, the Sisters who are teaching him
Chase & Breanne (sp?)
Krista & Chris C.
Jason R.
Natalie H.
Kari & Jesse C.
Alice & Kyle R.
Lara & Kevin C.
Emily & Wayne S.

We also saw Liz & Morgan, who went to the Jazz game a few blocks away. We missed those who couldn't make it! You really missed out, because we had a big array of snacks and appetizers, delicious Swiss fondue (if I do say so myself) with bread, apples, and cornichons for dippers, salad, and semi-sweet chocolate fondue for dessert, with strawberries, pound cake, pineapple, bananas, and apples to dip. Yum! I hope everyone had a good time. I sure did!

My dad helped me and Tyson with the clean-up. What a gem! My grandparents were also in town, and it was fun to see them (and for them to see Sawyer).

Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Kari & Jesse with two new haircuts!

Tyson clearing the appetizer area

Kevin, Lara, Natalie, and Wendy choosing their dippers

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