Tuesday, March 4, 2008

That's how he rolls...

Sawyer's transition from stationary object to roller has been a long journey, and one that has occured in fits and starts. Just before Christmas, right before his two-month birthday, Sawyer surprised me and my sister Kara by rolling from tummy to back while he was having tummy-time on the floor. He was way to young to be doing this, I thought, but he repeated the trick twice the next day, and my mom got to see it too. I thought I had a full-time roller on my hands, but I guess he decided he was too young after all. He didn't roll again for over a month, at which point he rolled once in his crib and once on the floor. Tyson was in the room, but didn't get to see, and I sort of felt like the wife who cried "Sawyer can roll". Sawyer went on a rolling strike again for at least another month, until the past couple of days. He has randomly rolled a couple of times, and woke himself up in the middle of the night (okay, 5am) by rolling over and getting frustrated he couldn't get back where he wanted to be. He woke himself from his morning nap the same way. Now that he's practicing in his sleep, I'm pretty sure he will not go on roll strike again, but we shall see.

I don't have any pictures of the rolling, since it's so random, but here's a funny one I took on Sunday. Do you see what I see? I think Sawyer is saying "Enough with the camera, Mom!" Cheeky little monkey!


  1. That is great, he is showing his attitude already! Jackson did the same thing when he was still in the NICU and holding his binky and I said, this kid is a fighter, he'll be home in no time.

  2. Is this a "skill" he gets from his mom or his dad? By "skill" I mean the finger. Nice.