Saturday, March 1, 2008

Taxes are filed!

Yay, I have filed my 2007 taxes! Usually we get them done a little sooner, but there was some delay this year due to my employer having an incorrect address on file when they sent my W-2. I picked it up at the office on Monday and got everything finished up yesterday and today. Since Tyson was a full-time student (more like a full-time-and-a-half student) last year and I only worked until shortly before Sawyer was born, we had only half the income of 2006. We ended up with more than twice the refund, so yippee! I guess technically only part of it is a "refund". The rest is a credit for being poor and having a kid, helped out by our deductions for the amount of medical expenses we had to pay this year. And the stimulus payment is still coming; I think we are getting $900 for that.

So what are we going to buy? Nothing, I'm sure! I think we will pay off our credit card (well, we do that each month anyway), a little loan we took from Tyson's parents, and save the rest towards a new car. I have a feeling that Li'l Pepe, aka the Silver Bullet (our Sentra) may have to be replaced sometime this year. Cars made entirely of aluminum foil and sound-dampening tape can't last forever, you know!

Sorry this is such a boring post. I just felt such a sense of accomplishment and wanted to write it down.

Speaking of accomplishments, Sawyer has been rolling from tummy to back with more regularity, and he is getting closer and closer on back-to-tummy. He has started on solid foods this week (rice cereal mixed with pear juice), with pretty good success. I'll try to get the pictures up. Each day, the first few bites of cereal don't go too well, but by the end of his serving (a tablespoon or so), he kind of gets the hang of it. It's funny his next bottle or nursing session he seems so relieved to be eating the "normal" way.

As for what has been going on, I had a fun outing to Settebello (pizza & gelatto) and Ballet West (Cinderella) with my mom last Friday. I absolutely love going to the ballet, and my mom gets great tickets due to her work. Settebello was delicious, too. It's a real Neopolitan style pizzeria. While we were out, Tyson took Sawyer with Matt and Noah to Q4U, but I guess Sawyer misbehaved and the food wasn't that great. After that, we drove up to Logan.

Tyson took me out on a date to "Juno" on Saturday night. I loved the movie! We were cracking up so much! We later downloaded the soundtrack with one of my iTunes gift cards. This was such a nice first visit to a movie theater in about five months! Tyson took me to Maverik for a hot dog afterwards, and you know I luh that! Missy was nice enough to come into town and tend Sawyer...but he actually just slept the whole time.

My husband and I are "dating" again do to a super-secret pact between us. I think it's great, on all sides!

On Monday, Sawyer had his 4-month checkup and vaccinations. He is doing great, right in the 50th percentile in height and weight. That's when we got the go-ahead for solid foods.

Wednesday night Tyson and I used my parents' tickets for "A Midsummer Night's Dream" at Pioneer Theatre. I enjoyed it, and I think Tyson did okay too. I ran into a friend I hadn't seen since elementary school, so that was crazy!

Last night we went to Squatters with Noah. It was fun, and Sawyer behaved himself. Then we came back to the house for a rousing game of Ticket to Ride. Just kidding, I don't think this game could really be described as "rousing", but I think it's a fun game. Noah won the first round and I won the second. Poor Tyson hasn't won at the game yet, and you know that doesn't sit well with him!

Well, I better finish up. Matt and Wendy are coming over and we're going to eat food from Greek Souvlaki and probably play hearts.

I must say I am sad to see our time in Salt Lake come to an end next week, even though it will be nice to be home, too. I do have my fingers crossed that Tyson will get the job he is looking into with Murray City, but I don't want to get too hopeful about it, so I try not to think about it too much. Tyson will have tons of other opportunities if that one doesn't work out!

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