Monday, March 17, 2008

Home again, home again, jiggety jog!

Sorry I have been absent from the blog for a while. Tyson's internship finished up in the wee hours of the morning on Thursday, March 6th, and we spent the next couple of days getting our stuff back up to Logan. Then we (or maybe I?) spent last week doing spring cleaning and putting our house back together. I even cleaned out what we refer to as our "closet room". I think we're back in the regular groove now.

Sawyer has moved on from just rice cereal to sweet potatoes. He seems to like them a lot. I'm not sure I should have started with such a relatively yummy vegetable, though. Now I'm not sure how he's going to like carrots when we start trying them in a couple of days.

Tyson celebrated his 26th birthday on Saturday, March 15. We had a fun pizza party and ice cream cake with the Heatons. Tyson got a new racquetball racquet and glove, some shells for one of his guns, and some Cadbury mini eggs. I think we are having an Easter/birthday party on Sunday at my parents' house. My parents already gave Tyson a nice financial gift towards the suit we bought for him at the start of the interhship. He looks mighty handsome in it! My grandparents also sent one of their wonderful cards with another nice cash gift. He used it to buy a holster for his gun. Guns...blah, blah, blah...I guess he wants a new sight for a gun too.

I became a temporary mom-of-four last Thursday when I provided relief duty for my mom from her temporary gig as a mom-of-three. She tended my sister Kara's kids while Kara and Logan took a last-minute trip to New Orleans. I tended the kids (and Sawyer) while my mom took a ski day. Whew! I'm not ready to be a mom of four just yet, especially if they are ages 3, 1, four months, and three weeks. But take out the four-month-old (Sawyer) and that is my sister's life day in and day out. She truly is a superwoman! I had a fun day with the kids, but I was really worn out at day's end. I hope to be a mom of (at least) four someday, but I'm glad it will happen gradually, not all at once (fingers crossed!)

We are, however, expecting a multiple birth at our house within the next month. Our kitty, Kitty, appears to be "with kitten". Kitty was just born in July, and I didn't get her fixed before we left for Salt Lake because she was still pretty young and it was the holidays and I was sleep deprived and only getting the basics done. Well, while we were in Salt Lake, she stayed out at Tyson's parents' house, mostly outside. Getting her fixed was the first thing on my list for when we got home...but it's too late! Kitty is a really pretty little cat, and I have no doubt her kittens will be adorable!

I have some cute pictures of Tyson's b-day and Sawyer's adventures with sweet potatoes, but I haven't uploaded them yet, so here are some Sawyer pictures from a couple of weeks ago.

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