Thursday, January 31, 2008

Names that are now ruled out

Sawyer had been asleep in my arms for the past 25 minutes or so. I finally tried to lay him down so I could type, but he woke up in the process and is now fussing and having a hard time settling back into his nap. Dang! He started sleeping through the night on Saturday (for real this time, like 11pm to 9am with no fussy wake-ups in between), and I've been having a hard time figuring out his desired schedule ever since. I think Sawyer's sleeping through because he's now getting six ounces in his bedtime bottle. I was giving him four ounces before, and he was waking up to nurse around 5am or 6am. Tyson was home with Sawyer on Saturday evening and didn't know how much to give him, so he gave him six ounces and he slept through the night. I felt amazed when I woke up, like "WHAT just HAPPENED?!?!" It was so strange to have gotten 8 hours of UNINTERRUPTED sleep. I had completely forgotten what that felt like. So, since then, Sawyer has been getting a six ounce bottle at bedtime. I'm not sure what it's done to his daytime eating schedule, though. He seems hungrier throughout the day, wanting to eat every 2.5 hours instead of every three like before, but then he spits up a lot more. Oh jeez, this is so NOT what anyone wants to read about! And there he is, awake and fussing.

What I really was going to write about was something that occurred to me the other day as I was reading the newspaper coverage of President Gordon B. Hinckley's death. I was reading an article about President Thomas S. Monson, where someone referred to him, familiarly, as Tom. "Tom," I thought to myself, "Now that's a nice name. Tom Heaton. Thomas Heaton. Tommy Heaton. That sounds good! I'll have to put that on my baby names list." Luckily it didn't take me too much longer to realize that if you already have a son named Sawyer, you probably shouldn't name the next one Tom.

This type of "name is out of the running" revelation happened to me once before, when I was still pregnant. I was taking a walk through the cemetery near our home and noticed a last name on a gravestone. I thought it would make a lovely first name, so I tried it out in my mind with our last name. Oops! The name I had come up with? Keaton Heaton. I think I'll pass on that one. I'm already a rhyme-y enough mom as it is, what with "jammykins, lambykins!" "droolie julie" "sog as a log in a bog" "nummy thumby" and various other expressions, both inherited and self-created.

Well, I better get ready to go pick Tyson up from work. we are going to a Town Meeting in South Jordan, the district of the representative Tyson is interning for.


  1. Congrats on sleeping through the night. I love that feeling.

  2. :) Don't you just love names? I'm so amused at the idea of Tom and Sawyer.

    It took me forever to get used to the assonance (is that spelled right? it must be late...) of Kate Baker. I'm such a name geek that I think too much about these things.

  3. How about OZ as a middle name?

  4. Yes Kate, I too have repetitive vowel sounds in my name now: Lisa Heaton. ee-uh ee-uh...that's what I think when I hear my name. I'm a geek too.