Monday, July 25, 2016

Granddad's 90th Birthday

I don't know what has me feeling like picking up the old blog pen (keyboard) again, but here we are. We spent the weekend in Monticello for my Granddad's 90th birthday. We love our Granddad!

We decided to drive the truck down instead of the van, and Tyson brought his motorcycle in the back. Since the van lacks a TV/DVD player, I told the kids we were going "old fashioned." They had to entertain themselves with books, paper/pencils/crayons, and car games such as "Cars A Minute," "Fancy Cars," and the License Plate Game.

We survived the trip and got to Monticello a little after dinner started. Adelaide got in some nice cuddle time at Uncle Eric's lovely yard. We had a meal of lasagna and so much delicious garden produce. My sisters and I sang a couple of songs for Granddad.

We spend Friday at the cabin, but I didn't take any photos. It was a "work day," my Granddad's requested birthday present. I spent most of the morning raking pine needles, sticks, and pinecones (cleanup/fire abatement) and moving them into a huge pile for later pick-up. Others worked on re-staining the cabin, cleaning the inside, and other projects. Lunch was sandwiches and dinner was barbecue grilled chicken and dutch oven potatoes. The weather was mercurial. My kids had so much fun on the zipline.

The next morning was the Pioneer Day parade. It's a tradition to watch this from my grandparents' driveway and front yard. Below is Sawyer waving at "Big Four." When I was a kid this tractor was at the city park, and we used to scramble all over it and pretend to drive it. I never thought I would see it in motion. It looked awesome!

We were blessed to have nearly all my grandparents' progeny in town. Only three of their living grandkids (and families) couldn't make it down this time. I loved seeing so many cousins and all their cute kids.

A favorite pastime at Grandmom & Grandad's house is "playing driveway." This means riding around on the large collection of bikes, trikes, and tractors. Adelaide enjoyed playing driveway while Tyson and Beckett enjoyed some patio time. After the parade we ate lunch at the carnival and returned to Grandmom's house for a talent show. The kids sang "I've Got Sixpence," and old song passed down through the family.

That night we ate dinner on Grandmom's patio and had a firework show in the driveway. We moved to the front lawn to watch the firework show that took place at the high school field.

We took a scenic route home, over the mountains from Castle Dale to Ephraim. It was beautiful up there! Seeing sheep grazing in the high meadows reminded me that in the fall the sheep come down and are herded right through the middle of town, making class attendance impossible due to inability to cross the street to the school buildings from the dorms. Ah, Ephraim!

I thought my old dorm had been torn down, but I was wrong. The outside hasn't changed. I wonder if the inside has? This fall, it will be 20 years since I moved there!

I'm sure I'll write more in three years!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Moving Along Now

Here I am, picking up the virtual pen again after almost a year. Plenty of stuff has happened. I probably told you about it on Facebook. Then, last summer, I got a smartphone and started showing you about it, too, on Facebook and Instagram. But I miss writing, so I am starting up here again (and maybe other places, too).

I've lost all hope of ever covering the events I've missed. Let's just pretend nothing ever happened, okay? I mean, we moved, we moved again, yadda, yadda. Tyson and I ate and walked and bus-rode our way through Puerto Vallarta, which in my mind is worth writing about and showing you pictures of, but really, who likes photos of other people's vacations? There was Lava Hot Springs and Bear Lake and the Fourth of July. Sawyer started kindergarten and Beck started Best Day Ever preschool. There were many Baker Family Dinners. There was the ranch, and everyone had birthdays, and I got a new nephew. Adelaide entered the Terrible Twos six months ahead of schedule. There was a water leak from our refrigerator, which ruined the hardwood floor in our kitchen. And we ruined a wall trying to ascertain where the leak was coming from. The floor still isn't fixed, because Mama (that's me) keeps dreaming about rearranging the layout of the kitchen. (Let it go, Mama.) Speaking of "Let It Go", Tyson took all three kids to see "Frozen" without me on Thanksgiving Day, while I prepared food. I know I really missed out! However, we did all see THOR together. And last weekend the Lego Movie, which was fabulous.

Lego. Sawyer has only become more and more enchanted by Lego. Beck and Adelaide like it, too. So that was the main focus of Christmas (well, besides celebrating the birth of our Savior).

Tyson switched jobs again in April 2013. He is now working at O.C. Tanner. He is the Cub Scout Master, and as of last month he is also co-teaching a primary class. I am teaching Relief Society.

Our friends the Todds stayed with us for a few months last fall while they worked on fixing up their first house.

My sister Krista and I took our kids down to visit my Grandparents in Monticello in January.

I have definitely left out tons of stuff, and all the photos, but let's just go from here...

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Summer Time Machine

I certainly didn't mean to let four months go by without blogging, but here we are. And I was already behind! I haven't actually printed photos or a photo book since October of 2010, so this blog is kind of *it* for me as far as keeping a record of our family activities. So, here are a few photos and memories I don't want to let get away. (Still working on summer of 2012 here!)


At the end of July, Tyson and I did something we have never done before. We went to a REAL concert. If you consider a show by a septuagenarian rock star a real concert. Yes, it was Neil Diamond. We had a good time and old Neil sounded a lot better than I thought he was going to, and put on a great show!


We made our annual pilgrimage to Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, for the Burke and Carolyn Heaton Family Reunion. Lava is crazy! With over a hundred Heaton family members running around, having marshmallow-shooter wars and throwing people in pools and rivers and such, I have to keep hands and eyes on my kids at all times. This doesn't afford me much chance to take pictures. These are a couple I snapped before everyone else arrived. The property owner was draining and refilling the small pool for our visit. My kids played in the pool while the water disappeared, and then Beck became quite sad when he realized the pool would soon be empty.

(I wondered why my legs looked so cankle-y in the picture, but then I realized those are Sawyer's legs)


We went to Payson for our little cousin Maddy's baptism. She is Tyson's Uncle Rod's youngest daughter. Rod and Shelley and their family adopted us when we lived in Payson for a few months in 2008-2009. We loved living near them, and really would have stayed if Tyson had found a job down there. Of course, I didn't manage to get any pictures of cute Maddy or any other Heatons. Probably because, again, I was trying to keep three kids contained during a baptism and dinner. We did drive by our old house, and I snapped a couple of pictures since I never took any.

We lived in a cheap and cheerful (or possibly dark and dreadful) little basement apartment in this bungalow right near "downtown" Payson. Our entrance was around the right side of the house. Sawyer was a year old and I was pregnant with Beck. I well remember taking Sawyer out to play on that little patch of grass, or navigating through the mud to our carport. Even though that was a hard time in our lives (under-employed with a baby and another on the way), it was a sweet time, too. I really miss it.


When our Logan condo was looking pristine and ready-to-sell inside, this is what it looked like in the garage. I never thought I would be one of "those" people, but for the whole year we lived in this house (the second time), we could never park a vehicle in the garage. First it was full of remodeling and project stuff, then it was full of "extra" stuff. We sooooo much wanted a garage for those Logan winters, then we never were able to use it!


We were able to go to the Logan LDS temple ( with Tyson's brother Andrew when he went through before leaving on his mission to Brazil. It was a special visit for everyone, in different ways. I won't write more here, but just wanted to remember it. We also had a fun lunch with lots of family and friends in the temple cafeteria. That was actually my first time eating in a temple cafeteria, so I enjoyed that novel experience.

A short time later we got to tour the new Brigham City temple during its open house. We were lucky enough to go with Missy when she got tickets for the special vendors/friends/family tour. Missy runs and is part owner of The Old Grist Mill in Brigham City, and they were a provider of cookies throughout the weeks of the open house. We even got a little luncheon and gift after our tour. VIP all the way! The Brigham City temple seemed extra special and beautiful. I highly recommend attending a temple open house if you ever get the chance. I hope to visit the Philadelphia LDS Temple when it is completed.

That's all for now. With any luck I'll be posting about Easter by next Christmas :-) .

Monday, November 19, 2012

"Crusty Demons of Dirt, 2"

Going in our time machine again, here are some photos from the 24th of July (Pioneer Day/Utah's state holiday). Tyson and I invited my side of the family up to "the ranch". The ranch is the property owned by Tyson's family up on the border of Idaho and Utah. If you want to check it out on Google Maps, search this string: Standrod, Malta, Box Elder, Utah 83342.

But here's the basic idea. The white dashed lines are the state borders. "A" marks Snowville, which is where one exits the freeway and drives west to Standrod, first on a paved road, then on dirt roads. "B" marks Standrod.'s roughly in the middle of nowhere! Tyson's grandparents purchased the ranch property in the 1970s, when Tyson's dad Curtis was already mostly grown.

Curtis is the third of fourteen children in his family, so he had many younger siblings who grew up on the ranch, which is a working cow-calf operation. That means the ranch raises beef cattle to be sold when they are still young. So, the herd consists mainly of adult females and their young calves. The Heatons had a dairy farm in Alpine, Utah prior to moving to the ranch. Tyson's grandparents still live at the ranch, but Tyson's Uncle Jed (Curtis's youngest brother) is now the owner/operator there. Tyson's Aunt Darla and her family also live in Standrod, as do Darla's husband's parents. Other than ranch hands, that's everyone who lives "in" Standrod. Tyson's dad has a house and small property in Standrod too, of which Tyson spearheaded renovation back in 2009. It is now used as a vacation home. No one lives there full time, but we are lucky enough to be able to visit on occasion.

Our visit on Pioneer Day was just a day trip. My mom and sister Krista joined us, as will as my sister Kara and her husband and their four kids. Cousin fun! We brought sandwiches/lunch items with us and ate right when we got there, then we went out for some four-wheeling on the mountain. Kara took a ton of photos, which would be much better than mine. The house and views were lovely. We got hit with a little rain, but it didn't stop our fun.

The kids loved trying on the helmets, and my brother-in-law Logan really took to the dirt. Tyson said he should star in "Crusty Demons of Dirt, 2"! Hahahaha! Kara ran the battery dead in her van and we had to jump it using a four-wheeler.

After four-wheeling we went over to Grandma's house to see her miniature ponies. This dirt hole was also an attraction.

And Adelaide got reacquainted with Grandpa Burke.

So, this wasn't my best-photographed adventure ever, but we had a great time! Hope to go again soon!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Even though she doesn't have a recent birthday for me to report about, I couldn't move on without a post about our sweet baby Adelaide.

She was a surprise baby, and definitely the best surprise I have EVER had! Look at this grin! I'm blessed to see this smile all day, every day. Adelaide brings so much fun and joy to our home. She is a very important part of our family and I can't imagine life without her. (Am I just so thrilled to finally have someone to help me balance out all the boy business in this house? Maybe.)

I'm sure you've all heard of the "Horse Whisperer". And then there are those people we call "Baby Whisperers". These people can always soothe a crying child, and all kids seem to gravitate to and bond with them. Well, Adelaide seems to be a "Grown-up Whisperer". No one can help but be enchanted by her. She just makes you feel so good about yourself, with her giggles and her smiles. She will go to anyone, as happy as can be. I think grown-ups just can't help but smile when they see THOSE CHEEKS! The next few photos are of Adelaide doing some "Grown-Up Whispering" with various adults in her life.

Getting to know Great Grandpa Burke Heaton

Papa Walt Baker and Adelaide have a serious mutual admiration society

Grammy loves Adelaide. Adelaide loves Grammy.

Adelaide with Great Grandmom Marilyn Rowley

Above you see Adelaide's other expression. Besides a smile, you might see her with her bottom lip tucked in like in this picture taken in Beck's birthday tent.

Adelaide was pretty proud of herself when she learned to stand up in her crib. She has reached all her physical milestones right on time or ahead of average. Unlike her late-walking brothers it looks like Adelaide should start walking right around her first birthday. She started standing unassisted for long stretches last week at age 10.5 months. She has four teeth on top and two on bottom. She's a fast crawler and can go straight up the big flight of stairs. She likes to play patty-cake and peekaboo, and loves to mimic sounds and facial expressions. I believe she is saying the words "baby", "baba", (for bottle), and "baa" (for bath), also "B" as in "mark it with a B". She has said Mama several times. I think. I'm pretty sure. :-)

Adelaide isn't much of a cuddler. In that way she's a lot like her brother Beck was at the same age. She sure doesn't have the anger or mischief he had, though. When she is upset she will holler a little, but I never know when she wakes up from her naps because she never cries. She just sits there in her crib amusing herself until I check on her.

Adelaide loves her Daddy (the fun parent). Or maybe she just loves his phone and iPad? I think her Daddy likes her, too. "Why is she just so happy all the time?" he asks, with an adoring smile on his face.

Some of the names I call this little treasure are Adelaide-y, Adelaide-y Baby (the kids and I have a little song we sing to her with that name), Laidybug, Laidybird, and Laidy-baby. A lot of people ask if I call her "Addie". I rarely do, but I've said it a time or two. I guess I just prefer the long version of her name. I did know an Addie once, of whom I was not particularly fond, so that probably has something to do with it. The name Addie itself is pretty cute. I imagine as time goes on friends and others will nickname her as Addie, and I will probably get used to it, too. I just love her name, though. I've had my heart set on it for years and years. I know it's old fashioned, but I just love it, and HER!

These pics are pretty recent and show off Adelaide's undressing abilities. When she wakes up in the morning, and from naps, she almost always has her pants and socks off, and sometimes works a shirt most of the way off. I guess she tuckers herself out by trying to undress herself? Like my boys, Adelaide is a little baldy. She probably won't have much hair until she is three years old. Sawyer actually had quite a bit more hair when he was the age she is now. I guess she takes after me and Beck, poor thing! What hair she does have is dark brown, and her eyes are big and dark like Daddy's and Beck's. I think she has pretty little features and will be a beautiful young lady. She may have to endure a long awkward phase like her mother. Her teeth are taking after her brother Sawyer's. It looks like she will be a little buck-toothed with big gaps in her teeth, at least with this set of baby teeth. Pretty cute if you ask me!

You also see Adelaide's binkie is clipped to her as a constant companion. I think I'll see how it goes in the coming year and see if she can give it up before she's two.

Adelaide is a good little eater, and happily eats purees (she prefers the squeeze packs) and finger foods. She will eat and eat. There hasn't been anything I've fed her that she hasn't liked. She slept through the night early and easily, and she doesn't need any coddling or a big routine to go down to bed (which is a big blessing because we have quite the bedtime battles with Beck right now). She is just easy and happy all around, and how great is that!?

We love you, Adelaide darling! I wish you would stay a baby forever, and at the same time I'm so excited to watch you grow. I know you probably won't always be the perfect angel you are right now, but you will always be perfectly Adelaide.